Grateful 3/24/2012

  • I am grateful for the imagination that creates our books
  • I am grateful for the imagination that creates our movies
  • I am grateful for my sister
  • I am grateful for those who are ignorant because someday they may not be

Grateful 3/21/2012

  • Grateful for the diversity in mankind
  • Grateful for beauty
  • Grateful for alcohol
  • Grateful for smiles
  • Grateful for solitude
  • Grateful for the games people play in their minds
  • Grateful for the dance of humanity
  • Grateful for Steve the bartender for great service
  • Grateful for humanity for the kindness of their soul

I am at a bar in Sam Francisco and the doorman,a really good man, gave money to A man pushing his shopping cart by the door. They are old friends. A big smile crossed the face of the man pushing the cart. It was love of course. Love of kindness.  I love this city.

Grateful 3/20/2012

  • I am grateful to Barbara for knowing where I am at when I am lost
  • I am grateful to Barbara for making me a better person
  • I am grateful to the vast majority of the people I work with for their attitude and kindness
  • I am grateful to the people I play volleyball with for putting up with my bad bumps
  • I am grateful to all the woman of china who have let me chat with them
  • I am grateful for the sun on the bay on these early spring mornings crossing over 92 to Belmont
  • I am grateful for Steve of SunEdison for his ability to speak clearly and organize his thoughts
  • I am grateful to my mother for her spirit of love and kindness towards me, not matter what

Grateful 3/18/2012

  • Barbara, my wife
  • Anthony, my son, for his kindness and intellect
  • Jordan, my son, for his love of life and people
  • Matt, my son, for his soul, spirit and intellect
  • San Francisco for it’s diversity
  • Wind for the cherry blossom flowers
  • Rain for the wet hair and feeling of need
  • Pain for the absence
  • People for all their different dances
  • China for it’s challenge
  • The angle of a woman’s arms when she stands

Grateful 3/12/2012

  • I am extremely grateful for cherry trees and pink flowers in the sun
  • I am grateful for a wonderful mother
  • I am grateful for a world blessed with technology
  • I am grateful for hardship because it makes us stronger
  • I am grateful for the strength of my body and the intellect I was born with
  • I am grateful for the random people I meet each day
  • I am really grateful for my wonderful wife