The concept of I’m sorry

Let’s face it, what positive result can come from saying I’m sorry. It is totally negative. You are not sorry. In truth we’re beautiful. We should apologize saying “Your feelings matter to me. If I have made a mistake that made you feel uncomfortable or bad, I want you to know it was not intentional and I would not wish to inflict pain of any kind.”


Grateful Fridays 4/26/2012


I am grateful every day and truthfully ecstatic to be alive and have the opportunity to experience the people in this world.  It is not that I don’t love a beautiful sunset, the calm on the water before entering the swimming pool, the sun pushing behind the rain clouds of San Francisco Bay.

It is that, like in so many other areas of life, there is a need for light behind the scene, glue between the cracks, and white space between the lines of code. People uniquely fill this void in the world for me. They are the dark dots behind the light ones that makes the world stand out.

Fridays are when people are happy, ready to stick their fingers into the mud of life and exalt at the feeling.

I am thankful for the sound of their voices, the motion of their limbs, the beauty in the movement on their hands.

As a completely unrelated item, I really love hoop earrings and dogs that play in bars.


Grateful 4/20/2012


I am so grateful for the perfection exhibited by every individual. They are exactly who they are. For women they dress so amazingly well, accenting that feature that is their best, the curve of the hair on the back to the way their butt leads to the slit in the skirt that accents their legs.

This concept is true of all of us. The eternal beauty of mankind.

Grateful 4/18/2012


I am grateful for a woman who knows how to match the shape of her face with earrings

I am grateful for the creativity that allows wonderful people to create new drinks which are awesome

I am grateful for comradery

I am grateful for disorganization because it is more entertaining

I am always grateful for the diversity of mankind

I am grateful for the infinite smiles that are waiting for my awareness

Grateful 4/8/2012 – OK So you think you had a bad day

Yeah, we all think it, “What a day?” Really.  Didn’t you wake up?  Ok, so there was a little pain.  Big deal.  Your morning started by opening the refrigerator door to get cream when a glass jar of spagetti sauce tumbled to the floor spattering  tomato sauce and glass across the kitchen.  The dog rushed into the kitchen, ran through the sauce onto the white rug.  So big deal.  Your daughter heard the noise, pattered into kitchen and cut her foot on the shards that had spread to the furthest edges of the universe.  Damn.  Life sucks.  Really.  Really.  You fix the cut, pick up the shards, mop the floor, take the trash out and the garage door breaks.  Really.  Your husband calls from workout and says he’s having breakfast with his friends.  You were looking forward to going for a walk with the dog with him.  Really.  But then, you go for the walk and the dog is very happy.  As you go out the door the sun warms your skin and a quite breeze strikes your face.  The grass has greened over night.  The fresh odor of  grass and flowers strikes your nose.  The sound of children laughing wafts into your hearing.  The tinkling from wind chimes stirs your heart to the first time you met your husband.  The dog looks at you with true love.

  • I am grateful for the pain in my life
  • I am grateful for the emotional pain I have suffered
  • I am grateful for the disabilities that have taught me to overcome
  • I am grateful for the realization that I will not live forever
  • I am grateful for those I resent because they teach me to understand
  • I am grateful for those who are less fortunate because I see their love of life in their eyes
  • I am grateful for belief systems that allow many to view the world in wonder
  • I am grateful for the threats that keep my skills sharp
  • I am grateful for my loves
  • I am grateful for my children
  • I am grateful for strength
  • I am grateful for power
  • I am grateful for weakness

I am grateful for what is and will always love life in the diversity of experience it provides us.

Grateful 4/2/3012 – Life is Amazing

There is so much more to the idea of being grateful than meets the eye or the nose or the skin or the ears.  With very little effort one can scrape away the paint coating on the grateful tricycle and see the universe behind the concept.  It is the universe of beauty that lies at the heart of all that is.  The Zen of existence lies not in the moral valuation of those things around you but in the acceptance that what is fits.  All things are infinite in their dimensionality and all aspects are infinite in their dimensionality.  This means to all of us that to be grateful is to look for the beauty that lies in every object, every moment.  Surely, it is there.