I am attitude junkie. That’s right, I believe that our world is created by what we believe to a great extent. So I say, think well. There are some events that challenge your heart, like another’s pain. Even I, cannot easily attitude away their despair, and in turn feel their sorrow. Such is the case in my divorce from a woman I love because, in truth, I had to secret away to much of me so that she did not feel pain while we were together.

These emotions, these jaunts into the world of the remorseful, are a vivid reminder of why attitude is king. The spiral is to easily consuming, the patterns of thought eliciting primal fear.

I know that she will be happy and live wonderfully. I know this is true of my sons also. I also know that for those of us that manipulate thought to our will there is a hidden slippery slope.

Attitude is everything, choose wisely