Grateful 20120628


I am grateful for those few people who love life and live it with a smile. I am grateful for the opportunity to watch them live their lives in joy. All of us, no matter where we are can learn from those who glory in life. Ain’t life grand.


Grateful 4/21/2012


I am grateful to see the gentle touch of a friends hand on their friend’s shoulder.

I am grateful for the loud sound of voices in a restaurant.

I am grateful for the uphill ride to an unknown destination.

I am grateful for the opportunity to smile at a face in despair.

I am grateful for the pain in my back, the strength on my limbs, and the feeling that comes with heeling.

I am grateful for dances in the park.

I am grateful for a group of happy women who see humor everywhere they look in the world.

As always, I an hatful for the infinite beauty that surrounds me.

Grateful 06/13/2012

There is such a tendency to be grateful for something or someone.  In truth it is the underlying substrate that demand our grateful attention. It is not the end result, the thing, the person. It is the infinite possibilities that allow for a myriad of relationships and possibilities between ourselves and our environment.  I am grateful for the glue.

Genetic association

Let’s just play a game of thought. Assume, for a moment, that our thoughts are trailing indicators. Then assume the I as causality when in fact we are driven first by an attraction based on some genetic combination asserting itself through hormones or some other means. Which means that the whole game of humanity is a wonderful dance architected by billions of years of evolution and that we are the followers paired with the most brilliant dancer of all times, evolution.